Çavuşin Rock Castle

In the old town of Çavuşin, the church of John the Baptist rises above the hill. The church, which was built in the 5th century, is the largest cave church in Cappadocia, although it was divided into three rooms in the 10th century against the danger of destruction. Most of the frescoes of the church of John the Baptist have faded from smoke, but there are still some that can be seen. Its cathedral-like proportions are also surprising.

Çavuşin (Nicephorus Phocas) Church: This church with a single nave, three apses and barrel vaults is 2.5 km from Göreme on the Göreme – Avanos road. The narthex is destroyed. The church was built around 964 – 965.

Çavuşin Rock Castle Photos

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