Rose Valley

Famous valley in Cappadocia is the Rose (Güllüdere) Valley. This valley, which is located in Göreme district of Cappadocia, attracts attention especially because of its wide structure, being a religious center and being accepted as a UNESCO heritage site. Within the Rose (Güllüdere) Valley there are churches that are very interesting and have significant meanings in terms of the history of religions. The rocks in the valley have a flat shape.

Rain water that has been pouring for centuries has caused the stones here to have a flatter shape. Besides, the fact that the stones are composed of tuff and lava material is the reason why they have easily shaped by the water. So it can be said that natural conditions such as rain and wind were enough to shape the stones.

Rose (Güllüdere) Valley also has a very enjoyable trekking and horse riding route. Many people who come to Göreme come to Rose (Güllüdere) Valley to enjoy this long trekking and horseback riding route.

Rose Valley Photos

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