Swords Valley

Swords (Kılıçlar) Valley is one of the smallest valleys in Cappadocia but probably one of the most interesting places to explore. It was named Swords (Kılıçlar) Valley because of the jagged rock formations that rise above you as you wander through the landscape of the valley.

You can feel like you’ve been transported back to the middle ages as you pass under these sword-shaped giants. At some point the trail narrows like a gorge, something quite unique to the area and you have to descend a solid staircase through the undulating rock walls.

The best way to explore Swords (Kılıçlar) Valley is trekking and horseback riding, a marked track starts above Göreme Open Air Museum and ends below the museum, the track also connects to Red Valley, known for its reddish colored rocks, and continues until Çavuşin Village.

Swords Valley Photos

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